Create. Automate. Simulate.

What We Do
TerraSim, Inc. develops advanced software solutions for geospatial technologies. We focus on providing our customers with innovative products for the rapid creation of complex geospatial visualizations derived from a variety of geo-referenced source data. This data includes geographic information systems (GIS), aerial, satellite, and terrestrial imagery, CAD and architectural models, and high resolution digital elevation models of the earth's surface.

Our Products
Our products support the entire geospatial processing chain from source data preparation and cartographic feature extraction, to the fully automated compilation of 3D geospatial visualizations, to the display and presentation of environmental data using realtime viewers. As a geospatial content generation company, we support a number of industry standard formats to allow our customers to integrate diverse information sources into their own applications and end user solutions.

Our Market
Our innovative geospatial processing technology, coupled with the use of parallel processing on Windows workstations, provides our customers with the highest processing performance at the lowest fixed cost. TerraSim products support customers in diverse markets, including defense modeling and simulation, site modeling for intelligence preparation, and civil applications for 3D visualization.