TerraSim Exhibits at I/ITSEC 2008

November 24, 2008

Pittsburgh, PA - TerraSim, Inc. will showcase its TerraTools® terrain generation and visualization software product line at the 2008 Interservice/Industry Training, Simulation, and Education Conference (I/ITSEC) in Orlando, Florida  December 1-4, 2008 at Booth 1025.

This conference brings together leaders in training and education programs from the armed services, academia, industry, and government.  This year, TerraSim, the technology leader in software for the automatic intensification of urban environments, will highlight the cutting edge capabilities of its upcoming TerraTools 4.0 release. TerraTools rapidly constructs simulation databases using standard DoD/NGA/USGS source data, custom CAD and GIS data, and imagery.

TerraTools supports the automatic and parametric generation of complex visual geometry critical for military operations on urban terrain (MOUT). Fully correlated databases export from TerraTools to a variety of formats in order to support visual runtime environments, constructive simulation, computer generated forces, and 3D model construction.

TerraTools Core natively supports multi-threaded database processing and provides up to eight parallel processing threads. This powerful database creation is done on multi-core Windows XP or Vista workstations using a single TerraTools license. Task-level parallelism unique to TerraTools maximizes customer investment: no specialized hardware configurations or additional software licenses are needed.

At I/ITSEC, TerraSim will display TerraTools Core, highlighting important new plug-ins, features, and algorithmic enhancements that make its database generation process faster and simpler:

OneSAF Support:  TerraSim will demonstrate its upcoming release of OneSAF 3.0 runtime support, which includes improvements to UHRB generation and integration. TerraSim currently supports all versions of the OneSAF Terrain Format (OTF) and the OneSAF Environmental Data Model and has the largest installed base of active users creating new OneSAF terrain. View the following links to see recent work in robotics, building interiors with furniture, and serious games.

Virtual Battlespace 2 (VBS2) Support:  TerraSim will demonstrate a new plug-in for the rapid construction of VBS2 runtime databases. VBS2 generation applies TerraSim’s Urban Details™ processing for the automatic creation of building interiors, roof and environmental clutter, free standing walls, and parametric generation of geospecific environments. VBS2 databases can be populated with models built with VBS2 content tools as well as advanced modeling systems such as 3DStudioMAX. Learn more about TerraSim's Serious Terrain for Serious Games™.

Expanded Virtual-Constructive Correlation: TerraSim will demonstrate TerraTools’ ability to transform source data into a common representation, which used to ensure precise correlation for the export of visual and constructive simulations. This includes complex building interiors correlated across OneSAF, JSAF, and JCATS runtimes with visual output to OpenFlight and VBS2. Click here to view correlation examples.

A second virtual-constructive correlation demonstration using VBS2 and OneSAF will be on display at Booth #2647, courtesy of Calytrix, developer of LVC Game, and Bohemia Interactive Australia, developer of VBS2. Click here to read more.

Urban Details™ Processing:  TerraSim will demonstrate improvements to automatic building interior generation, using blueprint templates for user-configurable content creation and export to MES and UHRB building models. These improvements include support for JCATS advanced buildings and parametric generation of complex building roofs. With TerraTools Core, Urban Details processing is part of the basic TerraTools software package. Click here to learn more about Urban Details Processing.

Conversion of  Legacy Databases:  TerraSim will demonstrate expanded conversion of visual and constructive databases. Conversions from CTDB to correlated OTF now supports additional constructive formats. Users can choose to augment legacy databases with updated geospatial source data and are not restricted to legacy content. Click here to learn more about legacy database conversion.

RoadMAP from TerraSim®:  TerraSim will demonstrate enhancements to RoadMAP, a standalone automated transportation network extraction system for rapid source data preparation that supports construction of M&S databases. Click here to learn more about RoadMAP.

In addition to these TerraTools Core and plug-in enhancements, TerraSim's TSGFly™ version 6.0 and TerraTours® version 3.5 will be demonstrated. TSGFly is a 3D viewer used by and included with TerraTools. It is freely distributable by end users and available for download by DoD customers with access to SIPRNet and JWICS. TerraTours is designed for customers looking to develop intelligent information fusion applications that employ a 3D geospatial visualization as the focal point for user interaction.

For complete details on these new developments and more, visit TerraSim’s I/ITSEC Booth #1025. TerraSim system developers will be on hand to provide live demonstrations, describe current and future TerraTools enhancements, and discuss how TerraSim can support your geospatial database construction and computer generated forces requirements.

About TerraSim

TerraSim is a US owned high-technology company that provides software solutions and services for advanced visual simulation and database construction using a variety of geospatial source data. TerraTools®, their primary product, is available for both Windows XP and Vista.

TerraTools is used in the automated construction of dense urban environments for operations planning and situation assessment as well as to produce exercise databases covering hundreds of one degree geocells. TerraSim also provides database construction services and advanced technology development for both civilian and military customers.

TerraSim's TerraTours® product supports highly interactive geospatial query using 3D visualizations linked to a variety of collateral source data. Using GISLink™ technology, TerraTours users can automatically georeference and display information sources such as still photography, video streams, CAD design data, maps, and any web-enabled document.

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