TerraSim Exhibits at IMAGE Society
2009 Meeting

June 12, 2009

Pittsburgh, PA - TerraSim, Inc., a corporate member of the IMAGE Society since 2000, will be showcasing its TerraTools® 3D geospatial visualization software product line at the 2009 IMAGE Society meeting in St. Louis, MO, July 13-16, 2009.

TerraSim will be demonstrating productivity enhancements for its latest release of TerraTools 3.5 to support complex urban database generation that can be correlated across a variety of runtime systems, including OneSAF, JSAF, JCATS, GDB for MÄK VR-Forces, OpenFlight, and Virtual Battlespace2 (VBS2). Highlights of TerraSim's demonstrations include:

  • Virtual Battlespace 2 Support: this TerraTools plug-in enables the rapid construction of VBS2 runtime databases. TerraSim's Urban DetailsTM processing allows for automatic creation of building interiors, roof and environmental clutter, free standing walls, and parametric generation of geospecific environments including model collision volumes.
  • OneSAF Support: TerraTools' OneSAF runtime support includes improvements to UHRB generation and integration. TerraSim currently supports all versions of the OneSAF Terrain Format (OTF) and the OneSAF Environmental Data Model, including format 7 for OneSAF 3.0, and has the largest installed base of active users creating new OneSAF terrain.
  • Expanded Virtual Constructive Correlation: TerraTools transforms source data into a common representation, which is used to ensure precise correlation for the export of visual and constructive simulations. This process includes complex building interiors correlated across OneSAF, JSAF, and JCATS runtimes with visual output to OpenFlight and VBS2.
  • Urban DetailsTM Processing: TerraSim will demonstrate improvements to automatic building interior generation. These improvements include support for JCATS advanced buildings and parametric generation of complex building roofs. With TerraTools Core, Urban Details processing is part of the basic TerraTools software package.
  • Conversion of Legacy Databases: Conversions from CTDB to correlated OTF now support additional constructive formats. Users can choose to augment legacy databases with updated geospatial source data and are not restricted to legacy content.
  • RoadMAP from TerraSim®: RoadMAP is a standalone automated transportation network extraction system for rapid source data preparation that supports construction of M&S databases.

In addition to demonstrating TerraTools enhancements, TerraSim will present a paper entitled "Going Underground: Generation of Underground Structures for Virtual and Constructive Simulation", which demonstrates the automated generation of underground structures that range from modern engineered bunkers to ad hoc and hastily constructed tunnels. These structures can then be integrated and exported into a variety of simulation runtimes, including VBS2 and OneSAF OTF.

VBS2 tunnel Ad hoc tunnel
Serious game (VBS2) tunnel Ad hoc tunnel
Karez irrigation geometry Road-like tunnel
Karez irrigation geometry Road-like engineered tunnel

For more information regarding TerraSim's products and technology or to schedule a meeting with a TerraSim technical representative at IMAGE, please contact Amy Super, Corporate Communications, at marketing@terrasim.com

About TerraSim

TerraSim is a US owned high-technology company that provides software solutions and services for advanced visual simulation and database construction using a variety of geospatial source data. TerraTools®, their primary product, is available for Windows XP and Vista.

TerraTools is used in the automated construction of dense urban environments for operations planning and situation assessment as well as to produce exercise databases covering hundreds of one degree geocells. TerraSim also provides database construction services and advanced technology development for both civilian and military customers.

TerraSim's TerraTours® product supports highly interactive geospatial query using 3D visualizations linked to a variety of collateral source data. Using GISLink™ technology, TerraTours users can automatically georeference and display information sources such as still photography, video streams, CAD design data, maps, and any web-enabled document.

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