TerraSim Highlighted in MT2

October 15, 2009

Pittsburgh, PA - Military Training Technology (MT2) magazine published an article in its Sept/Oct 2009 edition that highlights the role of TerraTools in creating complex and detailed terrains for the Australian Defence Force. See the text below for the full article.

Calytrix, in partnership with Bohemia Interactive, has delivered VBS2 Lite to the Australian Defence Force. Providing similar functions to the full version of VBS2, the 'Lite' version focuses on specific missions in Afghanistan. Calytrix has used specially developed terrain to replicate Tarin Kowt in Afghanistan to enable ADF members to visualize the terrain overseas and practice specific missions.

Shawn Parr, managing director, Calytrix, told MT2 that VBS2 Lite ADF ships with highly detailed and correlated terrain sets for VBS2, JSAF and OneSAF. "The JSAF and OneSAF terrains were generated by TerraTools from TerraSim (www.terrasim.com). TerraSim leads the way in production of accurate correlated terrain databases for multiple simulation environments." And Parr noted that unlike previous VBS2 Lite releases, the ADF version ships with Calytrix's LVC Game and a pre-built UAV scenario. "With the inclusion of TerraSim's correlated terrain databases for the constructive simulation programs JSAF and OneSAF, this delivery combination allows 'out of the box' use of VBS2 with JSAF and OneSAF."

Discussions with U.S. military representatives about this product upgrade have also occurred, according to Parr.

- Shawn Parr, shawn.parr@calytrix.com, MT2 Sept/Oct 2009

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