TerraSim Exhibits at ITEC 2010

May 7, 2010

Pittsburgh, PA -  TerraSim, Inc. will showcase its TerraTools® terrain generation and visualization software product line at ITEC 2010 in London, England May 18-20, 2010 at the Antycip Simulation Stand G140. Antycip Simulation is the exclusive distributor of TerraTools® and other TerraSim software in Europe.

TerraSim, the technology leader in software for the automatic intensification of urban environments, will highlight its products' newest capabilities.

New TerraTools® Exporters: TerraSim will demonstrate the recently released TerraTools Exporter for OpenSceneGraph (OSG) and TerraTools Exporter for Steel Beasts Professional (from eSim games). These two new exporter plug-ins extend TerraTools' impressive range of capabilities to generate 3D terrain databases correlated for both virtual and constructive simulation. For more information, visit our plug-ins page or see the product release announcement.

Live Networking Across Runtimes: With correlated runtime databases generated with TerraTools, TerraSim will demonstrate live linking of VBS2, Steel Beasts Pro, MÄK VR-Forces and MÄK VR-Vantage using Calytrix Technologies' LVC Game. TerraTools supports a wide variety of serious gaming, visual, and constructive simulation formats with correlated export. Visit our products page for a complete list of export formats.

Streamlined Processing and Speed Improvements: With the TerraTools 3.8 OmniWizard™ support for OneSAF OTF and VBS2, users can generate export-ready databases in half of the time. Task-level parallelism unique to TerraTools maximizes customer investment: no specialized hardware configurations or additional software licenses are needed.

Complete Database Reuse Solution: TerraSim will also demonstrate TerraSim Xtract™, a revolutionary new product that fully supports legacy database processing for reuse within even the most the most demanding modeling and simulation applications. Xtract exports to the widest variety of third party geospatial data processing products and supports the ingest of OTBSAF CTDB, OneSAF OTF, and OpenFlight databases and individual models. To learn more, visit our Xtract product page.

TerraSim also invites our customers, contacts, and friends to the following:

  • Social Evenings, Stand G140 - Join TerraSim and Antycip for beer, snacks, and casual conversation on Tuesday, May 18 and Wednesday, May 19 starting at 4:00 pm.
  • Calytrix Technologies, Stand E120 - Calytrix, makers of LVC Game, will feature demonstrations of the TerraTools-generated Sample Desert Village database.
  • eSim Games, Stand E130 - eSim Games, makers of Steel Beasts Professional, will feature demonstrations of the TerraTools-generated Sample Afghan Valley database.
  • Revisiting Correlation: Serious Games and Constructive Simulation - This presentation will be given by TerraSim President Dave McKeown at the "Bringing Modeling and Simulation to the Battlefield" session on Thursday, May 20 at 11:30 am.

For complete details on our developments, demonstrations, and presentations, visit TerraSim at the Antycip Simulation Stand G140. To schedule an appointment at the stand, email sales@terrasim.com or call 412-232-3646 x10.

About TerraSim

TerraSim is a US owned high-technology company that provides software solutions and services for advanced visual simulation and database construction using a variety of geospatial source data. TerraTools®, their primary product, is available for both Windows XP and Vista.

TerraTools is used in the automated construction of dense urban environments for operations planning and situation assessment as well as to produce exercise databases covering hundreds of one degree geocells. TerraSim also provides database construction services and advanced technology development for both civilian and military customers.

TerraSim's TerraTours® product supports highly interactive geospatial query using 3D visualizations linked to a variety of collateral source data. Using GISLink™ technology, TerraTours users can automatically georeference and display information sources such as still photography, video streams, CAD design data, maps, and any web-enabled document.

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