TerraSim Releases Xtract™ 1.0


May 17, 2010
ITEC 2010
London, UK

TerraSim, Inc is pleased to announce the release of the latest addition to its source data preparation product line: TerraSim Xtract™ 1.0. Xtract fully supports legacy database processing for reuse within even the most demanding modeling and simulation applications.

Xtract is a low cost, standalone application with support for 32 and 64 bit Windows workstations. Using TerraSim's proven and advanced terrain generation technology, Xtract works out of the box with a clean and simple user interface with no embedded format editors.

Going beyond the capabilities of other reuse tools, Xtract allows users to automatically and simultaneously enhance the utility of the extracted geospatial data. Users can manipulate source data attribution, reproject geospatial coordinates, and resample geoposition surface spacing—all within the primary Xtract function. The full fidelity of the legacy source data is preserved without the use of intermediate files or data representations.

Xtract exports to the widest variety of third party geospatial data processing products, including Global Mapper, 3DStudio Max, Bohemia Interactive Oxygene, ESRI ArcGIS, OpenSceneGraph viewers, Google Earth, Presagis Creator, and more.

Xtract supports the ingest of OTBSAF CTDB, OneSAF OTF, and OpenFlight databases and individual models. It produces terrain surfaces, geospatial vectors, and 3D model libraries. Users can select multiple representations for each of these categories for fast and consistent data extraction. For example, a legacy terrain surface can be simultaneously exported as gridded DEM, as a triangulated irregular network (TIN), as well as a reprojected and resampled grid, all under user control.

In addition, Xtract supports simultaneous model extraction and enhancement, converting to 3DStudioMax, COLLADA, VBS2 P3D, OpenFlight, and tiled scenegraph (TSG) format.

TerraSim Xtract is competitively priced and is now available for customer evaluation and purchase. For a complete demonstration, visit TerraSim at ITEC Stand G140 or email sales@terrasim.com .

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