TerraTools Map Featured in New Steel Beasts Pro Release

September 13, 2010

Pittsburgh, PA - TerraSim, Inc has announced inclusion of "Terrastan" in the newest release of Steel Beasts Pro by eSim Games. Terrastan is a sample geotypical map that illustrates the capabilities of TerraTools' Steel Beasts Pro exporter.

Working in conjunction with eSim Games, TerraSim refined and improved the process for database generation optimized for Steel Beasts Pro 3D visualization software. Steel Beasts Pro customers will receive Terrastan at no charge when they install Steel Beasts Pro PE 2.538.

Terrastan's content is "Afganistan-like" with realistic buildings, field walls, vegetation, and roads in a 17 km x 17 km area.

Terrastan contains the following features:

  • 592 complex 3D building structures
    • Buildings have with interiors and detailed roofs
    • Buildings were were created from 2D source data building footprints
  • Realistic roof clutter models
    • TerraTools' Urban Details™ processing automatically scatters models
  • Approximately 54,000 wall segments
    • Walls auto-generated from vector source data, creating building compounds
  • 216 kilometers of roadways
  • Realistic and automatically placed vegetation
    • 4223 hedges (in hedgerows)
    • 37,736 orchard trees
    • 34,423 trees in tree lines
    • 21,454 city and forest trees
terrastan source data

Terrastan GIS Source Data

terrastan terrain

Terrastan Terrain Generated by TerraTools

Using TerraTools' exporter for Steel Beasts Professional, SB Pro users can now automatically create advanced terrain databases, particularly with an urban focus, to support combined arms training and dismounted infantry within SB Pro's armored vehicle training scenarios.

TerraTools’ ability to produce correlated terrain databases across many different file formats permits sharing of terrain between different visual systems, constructive simulations, and serious games including Steel Beasts Pro, VBS2, OneSAF, JSAF, and JCATS.

Calytrix LVC Game interconnects these systems into distributed Live, Virtual, and Constructive (LVC) environments using DIS/HLA networking standards.  Accuracy in positioning moving objects, identical lines of sight, precise locations of terrain features, and calculations of heights above terrain are a few of the many critical factors in distributed simulations that cannot be achieved without correlated terrain databases across the LVC systems.

To facilitate LVC use, Calytrix hosts a set of TerraTools-produced correlated terrain databases at http://www.calytrix.com/support/terrain/overview/ where qualified users can download them for free.

For more information regarding Terrastan, its generation process, or TerraTools, please email us at marketing@terrasim.com .

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