News & Events - 2011

TerraSim to Showcase Advanced Synthetic Terrain Generation at I/ITSEC 2011
November 22, 2011

TerraSim, Inc. will feature cutting edge technology innovations in its terrain generation and source data preparation software products at I/ITSEC 2011 at Booth 1163. Read more...


IMAGE Society Image of the Month: TerraSim Supports Correlated Serious Games
November 3, 2011

TerraSim, Inc. is pleased to supply the Image of the Month for November 2011. This image shows TerraTools® support for correlated serious games. Read more... Read more...


TerraTools® Now Exports Large Area VBS2
September 1, 2011

Other Major Updates Now Available. Read more...


RoadMAP 2.1 Now Available
July 13, 2011

New Image Formats, Advanced Shapefile Support Included.


TerraTools® 4.0.2 Released
June 28, 2011

OneSAF 5.1 Export and VBS2 Exporter Speedups Included with New Release Structure. Read more...


TerraSim Exhibits at IMAGE Society 2011 Meeting
May 27, 2011

TerraSim, Inc., a corporate member of the IMAGE Society since 2000, will showcase its TerraTools® 3D geospatial visualization software product line at the 2011 IMAGE Society meeting in Scottsdale, AZ, June 6-9, 2011. Read more...


TerraSim Releases TerraTools® 4.0
May 9, 2011

TerraSim announces the release of Version 4.0 of TerraTools® Core, its 3D geospatial database construction product supporting correlated virtual and constructive simulation systems. Read more...


TerraSim Exhibits at ITEC 2011
May 5, 2011

TerraSim, Inc. will showcase its TerraTools® terrain generation and visualization software product line at ITEC 2011 in Cologne, Germany May 10-12, 2011 at the Antycip Simulation Stand E120. Read more...


TerraSim to Showcase Serious Terrain for Serious Games at GameTech 2011
March 15, 2011

TerraSim, Inc. will demonstrate its TerraTools® 3D geospatial visualization software product line at the 2011 Defense GameTech Users' Conference in Orlando, FL March 21-23, 2011 at Booth #20. Read more...


TerraSim Announces Automatic Generation of Very Large Area Terrain Databases
February 1, 2011

TerraSim, Inc has to announced a new TerraTools® process for the automated generation of large area terrain databases that cover hundreds of one-degree cells. Read more...


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