TerraSim Announces Automatic Generation of Very Large Area Terrain Databases

February 1, 2011

Pittsburgh, PA - TerraSim, Inc. has announced a new TerraTools® process for the automated generation of large area terrain databases that cover hundreds of one-degree cells. Using TerraTools Batch Mode, users can now generate simulation databases that cover very large areas using only a single TerraTools license and workstation.  Batch Mode processes run without a user interface and generate detailed timing and process log files to support automated verification and validation for fully unattended large-scale geospatial data processing.

TerraTools-built simulation databases have the most advanced adaptive terrain surface computation to ensure that databases run smoothly in any supported runtime.  Large area databases are developed for terrain efficiency, unlike legacy systems using small block-based construction techniques.  This efficiency allow complex exercises with thousands of SAF entities across hundreds of geocells to run with minimal hardware resources.

TerraTools Batch Mode processing also supports the assembly of large area geospecific phototextures for advanced visual simulation.  Users can assemble custom processes that utilize any of the TerraTools processing nodes and control them from an external application.  These Batch Mode processes utilize the same high performance multi-threading organization as TerraTools Core—providing the customer with eight parallel processes on a single TerraTools license.

Databases produced using Batch Mode can be correlated across any TerraTools-supported virtual, constructive, or serious game runtime. Visit our products page to learn more about TerraTools Core and TerraTools plug-ins.

TerraTools customers with current support and maintenance contracts can visit the TerraTools Support Website to download a complete Tech Note tutorial with sample data and step-by-step instructions for batch processing a multi-geotile database for OneSAF OTF. Click here to go directly to the Tech Note (login required).



UK and Ireland 130-cell OTF
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UK and Ireland 130-cell Visual
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To learn more about TerraTools Core and Batch Mode, visit our products page or email us at sales@terrasim.com .

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