TerraTools 4.0.2 Released
OneSAF 5.1 Export and VBS2 Exporter Speedups Included with New Release Structure

June 28, 2011

Pittsburgh, PA - TerraSim is pleased to announce the release of TerraTools 4.0.2. This significant update to TerraTools 4.0 contains a mix of important TerraTools Core bug fixes, enhancements and speedups based on our new 64-bit native architecture, and version updates to various exporters. Highlights include:

  • Support for export to OneSAF 5.1 (OTF 8.0) with updates to the UHRB Validation and Upconversion tool. This new version supports dynamic UHRB placement and updates the TerraTools EDM mapping scripts.
  • Support for the WARSIM (JLCCTC) EDM mappings as an alternative selection during OneSAF OTF creation. This new feature simplifies the production of OneSAF single cell and multi- cell databases for use within WARSIM.
  • Significant speedups in the Build Grid node, used extensively for creating large area databases with multiple LODs.
  • Significant speedups in Export CTDB node for GCS JointSAF export.
  • Improvements to Export VBS2 so that databases with large numbers of unique models pack over 100 times faster using the VBS2 PBO Packer.
  • Enhancements for VBS2, Steel Beasts Pro, and OpenSceneGraph exporters for improved processing.

This important update for is available to all TerraTools customers under annual maintenance. To access the update, visit http://www.terrasim.com/support/downloads/terratools4.0/ (login required).

New Release Structure Announced

Since the release of TerraTools 4.0 in April 2011, TerraSim has added the ability to produce full product updates that can be installed automatically on customer machines. Given this new technology, we expect to release TerraTools maintenance updates on a six to eight week schedule. These updates will include a mix of new product enhancements and bug fixes.

This new flexibility was illustrated in the rapid release of TerraTools 4.0.1, an important maintenance patch for JCATS users, which was released just two weeks after the TerraTools 4.0 release.

Under this updated process, all TerraTools patches will be a "rollup" of all previous patches, streamlining the installation process significantly. Users can now simply run the update installer instead of manually identifying and installing patches.

For more information, visit www.terrasim.com/support.php or contact support@terrasim.com .

Our new release process for TerraTools technology re-affirms TerraSim's customer centric business model. TerraTools 4.0 Core represents a milestone in the utilization of advanced workstation memory and processing power. The rapid growth in our user community requires that our technical support continues to provide the most effective support for all of our loyal customers.


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