TerraTools® Now Exports Large Area VBS2
Other Major Updates Now Available

September 1, 2011

Pittsburgh, PA - TerraSim is pleased to announce the release of major updates to TerraTools, the complete synthetic environment development toolkit. These updates include all new functionality for the TerraTools VBS2, Steel Beasts Pro, and OpenSceneGraph exporters, as well as improvements to TerraTools Core. All TerraTools customers receive these new features at no charge under their maintenance contracts. Release highlights include:

VBS2 exporter updates: TerraTools now supports paged terrain (MultiMap) export for large scale, high resolution terrain in VBS2 1.50. This new capability enables correlation with large area constructive simulations, including OneSAF, JCATS, and JointSAF. Other new features include support for AI-navigable runways and airfields, new 2D map markers, automatically generated buildings with advanced shadow appearances, and support for AI unit navigation positions.

Steel Beasts Pro exporter updates: Users can add round penetration properties to TerraTools-generated models. These properties can be set to a Steel Beasts Pro material preset (concrete, rebar concrete, brick, gravel, dry sand, moist sand, wood, earth, clay, glass, steel) or can be fully user-customized.

OpenSceneGraph exporter updates: TerraTools now exports OSG or IVE files in quadtree structure for terrain with multiple levels of detail. The new OpenSceneGraph exporter features improvements for faster and more efficient processing. TerraTools users can now also download an OpenSceneGraph capstone file creation tool from the TerraSim Support website.

TerraTools Core updates: This TerraTools update also includes numerous speedups for processing complex geospatial source data. Users can now evaluate and control the quality of the terrain surface using advanced integrated TIN analysis. In addition, TerraTools now supports visual runtimes that require terrain in the Geocentric coordinate system.

TerraTools customers under product maintenance can download this important update for free. Visit http://www.terrasim.com/support/downloads/terratools4.0/ to download (login required).

To learn more about TerraTools, visit our products page or email sales@terrasim.com.

VBS2 MultiMap
VBS2 MultiMap

MultiMap Terrain Database in VBS2 1.50


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