IMAGE Society Image of the Month: TerraSim Supports Correlated Serious Games

November 03, 2011

Pittsburgh, PA - The IMAGE Society is a non-profit, technical, professional association for the advancement of visual simulation, related technologies, and their applications. Each month, the Society selects an Image of the Month, highlighting technology or a novel solution produced by one of its corporate members.

TerraSim, Inc. is pleased to supply the Image of the Month for November 2011. Click here to see the Image of the Month, which features TerraTools® support for correlated serious games.

Modeling, simulation, training, and mission rehearsal activity have evolved to support combined arms and unit training with federations of disparate simulation runtimes. The challenge for environmental generation is to support fully correlated and detailed content across both traditional visual and constructive simulation and rapidly emerging serious game runtimes.

The technology challenge is in representing detailed geo-specific content in each of the runtimes. It is no longer sufficient to simply produce a single visual output to be loaded into each simulation. Content correlation requires addressing the specific object and model representations in each of the runtimes. TerraTools® achieves correlation by compiling geospatial source data into a common intermediate representation, preserving source data attribution, and then exporting the environments using runtime-specific processing.

In this composite IMAGE of the Month, TerraSim illustrates the ability of TerraTools to produce a complex correlated "Terrastan" database for three serious game systems. Currently supported games and game engines include Virtual Battlespace 2  (VBS2), Steel Beasts Professional, and Havok Vision with others under development.  Each database contains detailed urban content including buildings with interiors and automatically generated walls and roads in the games native runtime format.  An overview of Terrastan showing the mountainous area surrounding the operational area  is shown in the Havok's Tools Viewer, which can be used to validate complex content prior to loading into the Havok Vision Engine runtime.

TS Image of the Month


About TerraSim

TerraSim is a US owned high-technology company that provides software solutions and services for advanced visual simulation and database construction using a variety of geospatial source data.

TerraSim's TerraTools® automates construction of dense urban environments for operations planning and situation assessment as well as produces exercise databases covering hundreds of one degree geocells. TerraSim also provides database construction services and advanced technology development for both civilian and military customers.

TerraSim's source data preparation products cut the key cost drivers in modeling and simulation workflows. TerraSim Xtract™ recovers legacy source data and processes it for reuse in any modeling and simulation product. RoadMAP from TerraSim® seamlessly detects, delineates, and attributes road networks and other linear features from aerial and satellite imagery.

TerraSim's TerraTours® product supports highly interactive geospatial query using 3D visualizations linked to a variety of collateral source data. Using GISLink™ technology, TerraTours automatically georeferences and displays information in any web-enabled document.

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