TerraSim Adds Support for Havok and MASA SWORD on Calytrix Website

August 1, 2012

Pittsburgh, PA - TerraSim, Inc. and Calytrix Technologies are pleased to announce the release of three new database formats available for download on the Calytrix website. Produced by TerraSim's TerraTools®, these additions include correlated runtime formats for Havok Tools, Havok Vision Engine, and MASA SWORD for "Sample Desert Village."

MASA SWORD Terrain Preparation

These databases are available for download via registration at the Calytrix website. These samples give LVC Game users a full set of correlated terrain databases to use as a testbed for each of their runtime applications. The twelve other existing databases include VBS2, OpenFlight, Steel Beasts Pro, OpenSceneGraph, MÄK VR-Vantage and VR-Forces, JCATS, OneSAF (multiple OTF formats), and JointSAF (CTDB).

The use of Havok Tools, Havok Vision Engine, and MASA SWORD as correlated terrains produced by TerraSim's TerraTools®, was demonstrated at ITEC in May 2012. You can read more about TerraSim's demonstrations at ITEC 2012 here. Further capability enhancements for these runtime engines as well as the new TerraTools 5 release will be presented at I/ITSEC 2012.

Please note that the TerraSim databases on Calytrix's website, although free, do require a request access form and are subject to approval by TerraSim.

Havok Vision Engine Havok Tools Mesh
Havok Vision Engine Havok Tools Mesh

About Calytrix

Calytrix Technologies develops and delivers training products and services for training of the modern warfighter.  Calytrix provides products and services in the areas of Live, Virtual, and Constructive (LVC) interoperability, application of serious games, simulation of military radios and intercoms, simulation cost analysis, and planning and conduct of training exercises. Uniquely combining Live, Virtual and Constructive environments with military understanding, Calytrix enhances operational readiness and training. For more information, visit www.calytrix.com.

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