Soldiers and Fighting Vehicle Shown in VBS2
Soldiers and Fighting Vehicle Shown in OneSAF

Soldiers and Fighting Vehicle in VBS2 1.60 and OneSAF 5.1 (Occupy Pittsburgh)

TerraSim Participates in OneSAF Co-Developer Technical Exchange Meeting

August 28, 2012

Ireland / UK 130 Cell Overview
(OneSAF 5.1)

Orlando, FL - TerraSim, Inc will be participating at the OneSAF Co-Developer Technical Exchange Meeting (TEM) in Orlando, FL, held September 4-7, 2012. TerraSim will be giving two technical presentations and will conduct two demonstrations during the four-day meeting. The live demonstrations of OneSAF terrain database and ultra-high resolution building (UHRB) generation will focus on a rapid and reproducible process to automatically attribute and convert geospatial source data for exercise-ready OneSAF OTF databases.

Ireland / UK 130 Cell Overview

The first technical presentation will describe the generation of very large area (100s of geo-tiles) OneSAF exercise databases using TerraTools® Batch Mode processing. Examples include the generation of a 130 cell Ireland / UK database and a 100 cell "Middle East" database. Discussions will include source data preparation, staging data processing, and end-to-end process timings using a single technical workstation.

The second technical presentation will detail the technical issues for constructing high-resolution urban databases for OneSAF using TerraTools. We describe issues in source data generation to support detailed urban content and how additional urban clutter can be parametrically generated to increase the richness of the urban environment. Using the same intensified source data, we describe the generation of a fully correlated VBS2 runtime and demonstrate correlation by running an OneSAF scenario, which is visualized within VBS2. A side-by-side video showing OneSAF and VBS2 activities of the "Occupy Pittsburgh" simulation will be shown. Click here for the video demo.

For more information concerning these presentations or to meet with TerraSim engineers during the OneSAF Co-Developer TEM, please contact Kate Cummings at .

Downtown Pittsburgh's Gateway Center in VBS2 1.60 and OneSAF 5.1 (Occupy Pittsburgh)


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