Viewing Sample Desert in FlightGear
Sample Desert Village in FlightGear

TerraSim Announces Release of TerraTools® Maintenance Patch

August 20, 2012

Pittsburgh, PA - TerraSim is pleased to announce the release of the latest TerraTools Maintenance Patch (4.0.5), representing a major update to the TerraTools 4.0 baseline product. This patch consists of over 150 unique software improvements, speedups, and bug fixes to TerraTools Core and our visual, constructive, and serious game runtime exporters.

Major release highlights include:

  • Soldiers swimming in water created by TerraTools in VBS2
    Littoral Zone in VBS2 1.60
    Improved Functionality in the Export VBS2 Node
    Underground tunnels created by TerraTools in VBS2
    Underground tunnels created
    by TerraTools in VBS2
    The Export VBS2 node can now generate buildings with underground volumes and interiors. This feature makes it significantly easier to generate and place underground structures derived from GIS source data. The Export VBS2 node also now supports varying heights for contiguous bodies of water, which allows for more accurate representations of bodies of water and underwater behaviors. In TerraTools, users can specify a coastline vector and generate a continuous terrain surface from land to water. This unique ability supports littoral zone and deep water environment modeling. These enhancements significantly decrease the time it takes to generate bodies of water using bathymetric data.
    Multi-textures displayed in Gateway Center database created by TerraTool in Havok Vision
    Urban Visualization in Havok Vision Engine
  • Improved Functionality in the Export Havok Vision Engine Node
    TerraSim has made a number of improvements to the Export Havok Vision Engine node. Users can now export large area multi-cell terrains. The exporter now supports the specification of multi-textures for terrain surfaces and 3D models, resulting in improved visual appearances. We have enhanced the user controls in our Vision Engine Viewer to allow users to rapidly preview Havok Vision databases constructed using TerraTools.
  • Two New Exporters Supported in the OmniWizard
    The TerraTools OmniWizard provides users with the ability to quickly and easily construct databases in a variety of formats. With this release, we have added OmniWizard support to include Steel Beasts Professional and OpenSceneGraph export. Users can thus quickly specify source data layers, and the OmniWizard will automatically construct a TerraTools project graph and build the resulting database.
  • New Environment Export Node
    Databases for FlightGear Flight Simulator (Version 2.4) can now be exported from TerraTools. FlightGear Flight Simulator, an open-source flight simulator, is widely used for aircraft vehicle dynamics and gaming. TerraTools now supports both X-Plane and FlightGear, providing flight simulation visuals correlated to various constructive simulations and/or serious game runtimes.

All TerraTools customers receive these improvements at no charge under their annual maintenance / support contracts. Click here to download (login required).

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