TerraSim Selected as Top Company in MT2

October 17, 2012

Pittsburgh, PA - TerraSim proudly announces its selection as a top company in Military Technology & Training (MT2) magazine's 2012 Top Simulation & Training Companies competition.

MT2 states, "This list recognizes companies that have made a significant impact in the military training industry throughout the current fiscal year in areas as diverse as simulation, distributed learning, serious gaming, visual systems, embedded training, targets and ranges, database modeling and any other training component."

MT2 used an impartial panel to select these companies as well as a range of criteria in which to judge them, including total military sales volume, innovation, and program effectiveness.

In its submission, TerraSim described its mission to create high-quality COTS software to automate the construction of correlated complex environments across disparate runtimes as well as its ground-breaking work to streamline the database generation process with its source data preparation products. TerraSim also highlighted its ability to expand the field of modeling and simulation through its technological innovation and research in the use of Urban Details™ to parametrically generate rich content for urban simulation and the development of annotated urban environments to support enhanced AI activity towards automated pattern of life in serious game simulations.

For more information, see TerraSim's listing in MT2's 2012 Top Simulation & Training Companies or visit TerraSim's product page.

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