Batch Mode Manager processing UK and Ireland
Batch Mode Manager processing an 130 geo-tile area of the United Kingdom and Ireland

TerraSim Exhibits New Products and Technology at 2012 I/ITSEC Conference

November 28, 2012

Satellite image and classified image show next to each other
A satellite image containing complex
features (left) imported into MaterialMAP and
classified into a surface material map (right)
Pittsburgh, PA - TerraSim, Inc. will feature cutting edge technology innovations in its terrain generation and source data preparation software products at I/ITSEC 2012 in Booth 1121. I/ITSEC, the premiere conference for leaders in training and education programs from the armed services, academia, industry and government, will be held in Orlando, FL from Dec. 3-6, 2012.

TerraTools® 5 Release Preview: TerraTools 5 represents the next major release of our flagship simulation database construction product, which correlates runtimes across the largest number of third party visual, constructive, and serious game formats. Its newest features include:

    PLW Modelworks building models
    placed in San Francisco database
    running in Havok Vision Engine
  • Enhanced large area database construction - The new Batch Mode Manager provides a visual interface to the TerraTools Batch Mode scripting language used to create large area databases. Batch Mode Manager allows TerraTools users to interact with the TerraTools background generation process, view construction progress, monitor resources, and detect source data or processing errors as they occur.
  • Updated exporters and improved OmniWizard support for all visual, constructive, and serious game runtimes. Among other updates, significant new functionality includes:
    • New automatic generation of multi-story buildings with interiors
    • Tank in front of parametrically generated multi-story building model
      A parametrically generated multi-story building
      model with interiors created in TerraTools 5
      about to be destroyed by a tank in VBS2
    • Support for large-area multi-map generation using Batch Mode Manager in VBS2
    • Support for parametrically generated destructible building models, built using TerraTools Urban Details™ processing, in VBS2
    • Improved parametric underground generation and water effects in VBS2
    • Havok Vision Engine support for large area database generation in both UTM and Geocentric using Batch Mode Manager
    • Enhanced TerraSim Vision Viewer application for rapidly loading and viewing Havok Vision databases and ability to create user defined paths in TerraTools
    • Models ruins
      The parametrically generated ruins left from the
      destructible building model
    • Improved support for parametric generation of destructible models using Havok middleware
    • Enhanced validation and verification of OneSAF UHRBs, including upconverting from older UHRB versions
    • OneSAF 5.5/6.0 support, including new OneSAF functionality such as creating transportation tunnels
  • New processing package to support pattern of life activity - TerraSim's first release of Augmented Urban Environments (AUE) processing package supports the rapid development of pattern of life activities in constructive and serious game environments. AUE provides a complete spatial organization of the urban database area, derived from the source data and correlated with each of the TerraTools runtime environments. AUE can be exported as a set of derived GIS files or used with a C++ API to dynamically query environmental elements to support intelligent AI entity behaviors.

New Source Data Preparation Products

  • New surface material classification software - MaterialMAP™ is an easy-to-use surface material classification system that performs a variety of functions using aerial or satellite imagery. MaterialMAP can generate the information needed to determine vehicular mobility and material masks for serious game runtimes. It can also create material encoded textures for correlated sensor simulation.
  • New product for merging, refining, and manipulating digital elevation models - DEMTools is a stand-alone application that merges, refines, and manipulates digital elevation models (DEMs) for GIS source data preparation and generation. DEMTools can improve the quality, consistency, and accuracy of your geospatial source data.

Live TerraSim Demos
Throughout the I/ITSEC show, TerraSim will conduct a number of live technology demonstrations at our booth, including:

  • Pattern of life activity to support AI entity behavior in VBS2
  • Large area database generation using the new Batch Mode Manager for OneSAF and VBS2
  • Underground structures and water effects in VBS2
  • Mission execution using VBS2 and OneSAF on a live network
  • Demo of the Rodriguez Range correlated terrain databases produced in OneSAF, Havok Vision and VBS2 using SECORE CVEM source data
  • Source Data Preparation Product Workflow: DEMTools, MaterialMAP, RoadMAP and Xtract
  • Improved support for parametric generation of destructible models using Havok middleware

TerraSim's Partner Demos
TerraSim will be partnering with a number of companies to show off technology, including:

  • Bohemia Interactive Simulations (Booth 735) - Camp Lejeune Littoral Zone Database
  • Calytrix (Booth 1715) - Correlated constructive and serious game simulations linked with LVC-Game
  • Discovery Machine (Booth 2780) - TerraSim Augmented Urban Environments (AUE) middleware using Sample Desert Market within Discovery Machine VBS2 Behavior Toolset
  • Havok (Booth 1821) - Large area San Francisco database in round earth coordinates system
  • PLW Modelworks (Booth 2281) - High resolution urban models exported to Havok Vision Engine runtime
  • SAIC (Booth 2439) SECORE CVEM - Rodriguez Range demonstration correlated in OneSAF, VBS2 and Havok Vision


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