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Image of the Month ("TerraSim's Source Data Preparation Tools Support Improved Accuracy in Modeling, Simulation, and Training") selected by the IMAGE Socitey

TerraSim's Source Data Preparation Products Selected by IMAGE Society for Image of the Month

November 05, 2012

Pittsburgh, PA - TerraSim is pleased to announce its selection for the IMAGE Society's November 2012 Image of the Month, found here. Each month, the IMAGE Society, a non-profit, technical, professional association for the advancement of visual simulation, related technologies, and their applications, selects an Image of the Month. This image highlights new technology or novel solutions produced by one of its corporate members. These topics generally address and resolve industry-specific complications and issues.

TerraSim's image illustrates not only the growing importance of good source data preparation but also points to TerraSim's own solutions for creating better source data. Whether performing direct source data to runtime publishing or compiling runtime environments, end-users expect that the best overall set of source data layers, consistent and up-to-date, will be utilized in their simulation systems. However, the rapid increase of raw and unprocessed geospatial source data presents new challenges for environmental generation. In modeling, simulation, and training applications, these challenges are further compounded by the variety of simulation and training runtimes, each containing its own set of source data requirements. Constructing a simulation database with inadequate source data not only decreases the accuracy and utility of the end-user training but also increases the risk of time-consuming complications during database production. In this Image of the Month, TerraSim highlights its source data preparation products, which address the rapid production of effective and usable geospatial data.

Source data preparation is often viewed as the production of GIS data using standard commercial products developed for the mapping, environmental, remote sensing, and civil engineering communities. TerraSim has developed products, based upon a strong grounding in modern cartographic data production, which are tailored to the unique requirements of the modeling and simulation community. This means that the source data process flow is designed to produce fully attributed source data in standard COTS interchange formats that reflect the requirements of modeling and simulation runtimes.

Our four source data preparation products (MaterialMAP, DEMTools, RoadMAP, and Xtract) each reduce the time and cost associated with database generation and are tailored to modeling and simulation content requirements. MaterialMAP uses aerial and satellite imagery to create and classify ground surface materials that are required in serious game runtimes. DEMTools merges, refines, and manipulates disparate digital elevation data into a single consistent DEM for large area simulations. RoadMAP uses aerial and satellite imagery to generate road networks with topology and attribution tailored to modeling and simulation. Finally, Xtract supports source data reuse from legacy simulation runtimes by extracting vector data, DEMs, imagery, and legacy models, and transforming them into modern runtime formats.

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