Three images of the process to combine land bathymetric data
DEMTools masks the land (left) and bathymetric (center) DEMs
to generate a single composite output DEM (right)

TerraSim Releases DEMTools™ 2

December 12, 2012

Match points generated to register a small DEM with a larger one
Match points generated in DEMTools to
register a small DEM with a larger DEM

Pittsburgh, PA - TerraSim is pleased to announce the release of DEMTools 2, a low-cost, stand-alone GIS application that merges, refines, and manipulates digital elevation models (DEMs) for GIS source data preparation and generation. DEMTools, the newest of TerraSim's source data preparation products, allows users to quickly import and process source elevation and vector data. This data can then be exported to a large variety of supported elevation and vector formats, including GeoTIFF, GridASCII, GridFloat, and Shapefile. DEMTools makes full use of 64-bit processor architecture to handle large area compilation and supports parallel execution on multi-core workstations.

The recent, explosive increase in available digital elevation data has created multiple, overlapping DEMs with varying levels of quality and resolution. To make these individual DEMs useful, they often require additional post-processing to create a single consistent dataset over an area of interest. For example, misaligned elevation data from differing sources may need to be brought into geometric alignment through registration. DEMTools offers a complete set of tools to increase the quality and usability of DEMs. With DEMTools, users can:

  • Import and export a wide variety of elevation and vector data formats
  • Generate elevation match points and perform DEM registration
  • Fuse multiple elevation data files together to generate a single composite output DEM
  • Expand elevation data coverage by fusing adjacent elevation data
  • Arealize coastline linear vector data into polygonal ocean vector data
  • Flatten elevation data using existing or user-generated polygonal vector data
  • Mask land elevation and bathymetric data to generate a single composite output DEM
  • Edit and manipulate existing 3D vector data
  • Create and attribute 3D vector data
  • Examine elevation and 3D vector metadata

For more information on DEMTools, please go to the DEMTools product page or contact Kate Cummings at .

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