Satellite and classified image in the MaterialMAP interface
MaterialMAP performing an automated surface material classification in a complex image containing cultivated fields, trees and roads, and a collection of village houses (original satellite image on left and the surface material classification map on right)

TerraSim Releases MaterialMAP™

January 15, 2013

Surface material map for OneSAF
Surface material map for OneSAF
Surface material map for VBS2
Surface material map for VBS2
Surface material map for Steel Beasts
Surface material map for Steel Beasts

Pittsburgh, PA - TerraSim is pleased to announce the release of MaterialMAP™, a low-cost, stand-alone software application that creates surface material maps from aircraft and satellite imagery. This new source data preparation product understands the unique material attribution requirements for multiple modeling and simulation runtimes and can easily export fully classified and customized maps for these runtimes.

Using MaterialMAP's automated classification process, users can reduce the time it takes to create a surface material map and greatly increase the accuracy and consistency of a classification, resulting in improved utility for modeling and simulation training applications. To construct surface material maps, MaterialMAP utilizes an intuitive, interactive system to create a series of user-defined surface material classes. These classes are then used as statistical samples to classify each pixel in the source image. Users can quickly test the quality of their samples by classifying sub-regions of the input image.

MaterialMAP's tight integration with modeling and simulation runtimes is a central design feature. MaterialMAP's unique processing tools can reduce the complexity and noise in resulting surface material maps to eliminate unnecessary detail and tailor the level of detail to the simulation runtime. A single surface material map can quickly and easily be exported to a number of constructive and serious game runtimes, providing correlation of materials across networked simulations. Once exported, these surface material maps can then be used to determine entity mobility and routing, runtime visual effects, and sensor simulation.

Using MaterialMAP, users can also:

  • Import imagery in standard formats, including ECW, GeoTIFF, JPEG, and PNG
  • Utilize support for color and multispectral (multi-band) image classification
  • Create sample classifications and reuse spectral class properties with new imagery from the same sensor
  • Develop alternative classification strategies and rapidly visualize intermediate classification results
  • Use MaterialMAP's processing history to select the best classification results
  • Export classified imagery to vector and image formats, including ESRI Shapefile, GeoTIFF, and PNG
  • Export surface material maps that support the unique requirements for constructive simulations (OneSAF OTF, JointSAF CTDB) and serious game runtimes (VBS2, Steel Beasts)

For more information on MaterialMAP, please go to the MaterialMAP product page or contact Kate Cummings at .

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