Annotated Urban Environments Viewer which shows the data layers created by the AUE API
Downtown Pittsburgh in the AUE Viewer with semantic data displayed
on the left and geometric data on the right

TerraSim® Presents Serious Game Technology at GameTech 2013

April 9, 2013

Rodriguez Range, built in TerraTools with SECORE data
The Rodriguez Range database in Havok
Vision Engine built with SECORE source data

Pittsburgh, PA - TerraSim will present its newest technology for serious games at the GameTech Users' Conference 2013 in Orlando, FL on April 17-19 at Booth 16. This technology includes creating annotated urban environments (AUE) to support third party pattern of life activity, automating the generation of surface material maps for constructive simulation and serious games, and generating large area simulation databases using SECORE source data.

Rodriguez Range, built in TerraTools with SECORE data
The Rodriguez Range database in
VBS2 2.0 built with SECORE source data

The AUE API and Viewer are TerraSim's newest addition to its TerraTools® product. The AUE integration allows third-party artificial intelligence (AI) middleware to generate pattern of life activity that can intelligently reason about the environment. There are three components to AUE support: the Export AUE node in TerraTools, the AUE API, and the AUE Viewer.

Rodriguez Range, built in TerraTools with SECORE data
The Rodriguez Range database in
OneSAF 6.0 built with SECORE source data

The Export AUE node generates a description of the urban environment that is independent of any individual runtime and creates a rich set of derived geospatial information not present in the original source data. This information describes the spatial relationships between aspects of the environment, which allows users to create intelligent behaviors based upon intrinsic spatial properties and user-defined object attribution.

The AUE API provides access to the urban environment information to allow third-party developers to develop applications that create background entity activity. The AUE Viewer allows users to view the semantic and geometric data layers created by AUE Exporter, which include derived data, such as sidewalks, road junctions, crosswalks, building use and function attribution, and urban clutter.

TerraSim President Dave McKeown will also be leading a panel discussion, "The Evolution of Pattern of Life Activity in Games for Training," on Wednesday, April 17 at 11:10-11:55 a.m. Participants of the panel will include industry leaders for intelligent entity behaviors for serious games, including Boston Dynamics, Discovery Machine, and VT MÄK.

In addition to the AUE, TerraSim will be highlighting MaterialMAP™ and the automated processing of SECORE source data into multiple correlated runtimes. MaterialMAP is a new source data preparation product, which creates detailed surface material maps from aircraft and satellite imagery. MaterialMAP is designed to directly convert surface material maps into the runtime requirements for several constructive simulation and serious game format.

The automated generation of correlated runtimes using geospatial repository source data, such as that available from SECORE and other archives, is a key requirement for many modeling and simulation programs. We will demonstrate this capability using source data provided from the SECORE repository for the Rodriguez Range in Korea. Using standard TerraTools scripting to extend SECORE data attribution, a 12km by 12km detailed database was exported into Havok Vision Engine, JCATS, OneSAF, and VBS2.

Other highlighted GameTech demonstrations include:

  • Creating large-area OneSAF and VBS2 databases through the Batch Mode Manager, our new graphical interface for monitoring and managing large-area database processing
  • Complex urban databases with storefronts, sidewalks, clutter objects and "urban details" running in several serious game engines
  • Advanced support for serious game environment generation:
    • Support for parametrically generated buildings in Havok, Steel Beasts, and VBS2
    • Destructible buildings and other structures in Havok and VBS2
    • Large area multi-map and advanced water effects in VBS2 2.0
    • Large-area complex urban environments with 3rd party building models running in Havok Vision Engine

For more information our demonstration at GameTech, contact Kate Cummings at .

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