Overview of a North African database, including a natural gas processing plant and a village
Overview of large-area, North African database in VBS2 2.0

New Technology Demonstrations from TerraSim® at ITEC 2013

May 20, 2013

Pittsburgh, PA - TerraSim, Inc. will showcase upcoming TerraTools® 5 functionality and its source data preparation products at ITEC 2013 in Rome, Italy on May 22-24 at Stand D110. Recently acquired by Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim), this ITEC marks the beginning of closer integration of TerraSim technology.

A parametrically generated multi-story, destructible building with interiors
A parametrically generated multi-story,
destructible building with interiors

A parametrically generated ruins of a destructible building model
A parametrically generated ruins of
a destructible building model

TerraTools 5, primed for release in mid-late summer, features the latest in terrain generation technology. At ITEC, we will demonstrate destructible models in VBS2, batch processing with our new graphical interface called the Batch Mode Manager, and new middleware to support pattern of life AI behaviors with the AUE API and Viewer. We will also be demonstrating a high fidelity, large-area North African database for VBS2, jointly produced by BISim and TerraSim engineers.

High-resolution models in North African database
High-resolution models of a
natural gas processing plant

Demonstrations include:

  • Destructible models - TerraTools' VBS2 2.0 exporter automatically generates parametrically-generated models with multiple destruct states. After destruction, AI mobility layers are maintained for building ruins, and trafficabilty of bridges and tunnels reflects the level of destruction calculated by the runtime.
  • Graphical interface for batch processing - The new Batch Mode Manager provides a visual interface to the TerraTools Batch Mode scripting language used to create large area databases. Batch Mode Manager allows TerraTools users to interact with the TerraTools background generation process, view construction progress, monitor resources, and detect source data or processing errors as they occur.
  • Support for pattern of life AI behaviors - Annotated Urban Environments (AUE) created in the AUE API allows third-party artificial intelligence (AI) middleware to generate pattern of life activity that can intelligently reason about the environment. The AUE Viewer shows the semantic and geometric data layers, which include derived data, such as sidewalks, road junctions, and crosswalks.
  • Enhanced features for VBS2 - This 500km database of a natural gas processing plant and village in North Africa was created to support VBS2 2.0's improved multimap functionality for large-area databases and features high-resolution, high-fidelity models and textures from BISim.

Source data preparation products are a major component of TerraSim's commercial offerings. We will highlight the newest improvements to MaterialMAP™. MaterialMAP classifies imagery into surface material maps for mobility and sensor simulation. Recent improvements include:

  • Improved interface for enhanced usability
  • Improved processing for high resolution, large area imagery
  • Intelligent recommendations for exporters provided by MaterialMAP Advisor
  • Enhanced support for VBS2, Steel Beasts, OneSAF, JointSAF, and JCATS

For more information our demonstration at GameTech, contact Kate Cummings at .

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