A parametrically generated multi-story, destructible building with interiors
Parametrically-generated 3D building before destruction

TerraSim® Exhibits at the
2013 IMAGE Society Conference

June 1, 2013

First destruct state of the 3D building model
First destruct state of the
parametrically-generated 3D building

Scottsdale, AZ - TerraSim, Inc., a corporate member of the IMAGE Society since 2000, will present two technical papers and one tutorial and demonstrate new product features from TerraTools® and its source data preparation products at the 2013 IMAGE Society Conference in Scottsdale, AZ, June 3-6, 2013.

Second destruct state of the 3D building model
Second destruct state of the
parametrically-generated 3D building

TerraSim, the technology leader in automated generation of urban environments, is proud to be a Host for the 2013 IMAGE Society Conference. At the conference, TerraSim will present two papers during the technical sessions on Tuesday, June 4, and Wednesday, June 6. The first paper, "Enabling Dynamics during Environmental Generation to Support Correlated Simulations," discusses the challenges in and proposed solutions for generating 3D structures and associated destruct states in correlated runtime environments. The games used as examples in this paper are VBS2 and OneSAF.

Complete destruction of the 3D building model
Complete destruction of the
parametrically-generated 3D building

The second paper, entitled "Rationalizing Source Data: Tailoring Geospatial Data for Advanced Distributed Simulation," discusses TerraSim's solutions for preparing source data in the context of correlated visual, constructive, and serious game runtimes. In particular, this paper discusses issues in preparing large area digital elevation models (DEMs) and generating road networks and surface material maps from remotely sensed imagery. Specific examples are taken from a range of constructive and serious game runtimes.

Dave McKeown, President of TerraSim, will present a tutorial on creating background pattern of life (POL) behaviors in complex urban environments from the terrain generation perspective. This tutorial surveys how a variety of companies approach this problem as well as the types of solutions that are available to address various aspects of the POL problem. TerraSim's annotated urban environments (AUE) are highlighted as a common bridge between artificial intelligence and entity behaviors developed for POL activity. Materials provided by Boston Dynamics, Discovery Machine, and SimCentric will be presented in order to highlight commercial approaches to this important problem. For more information on TerraSim's AUE middleware solutions, please see our AUE brochure.

In addition to presenting these materials, TerraSim will highlight its products' newest capabilities and features:

  • Destructible 3D models - TerraTools automatically generates parametrically-generated models with multiple destruct states. After destruction, AI mobility layers are maintained for building ruins, and trafficabilty of bridges and tunnels reflects the level of destruction calculated by the runtime.
  • Support for pattern of life AI behaviors - Annotated Urban Environments (AUE) created in the AUE API allows third-party artificial intelligence (AI) middleware to generate pattern of life activity that can intelligently reason about the environment. The AUE Viewer shows the semantic and geometric data layers, which include derived data, such as sidewalks, road junctions, and crosswalks.
  • Source data preparation products - Source data preparation is a major component of TerraSim's commercial offerings. TerraSim will showcase MaterialMAP from TerraSim®, DEMTools from TerraSim®, RoadMAP from TerraSim®, and Xtract from TerraSim®. In particular, we will highlight the newest improvements to MaterialMAP, such as intelligent recommendation through the MaterialMAP Advisor and an improved user interface.

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