Middle Eastern environment in Batch Mode Manager
A 125 geo-tile, Middle Eastern environment set up in Batch Mode Manager for OneSAF and OSG

TerraSim® Innovations Shown at I/ITSEC 2013

November 25, 2013

Orlando, FL - TerraSim, Inc. will demonstrate its most recent innovations in terrain generation and source data preparation for modeling, simulation and training at I/ITSEC 2013. TerraSim, a Bohemia Interactive Simulations Company, will be co-located in BISim's Booth 2439. I/ITSEC, the premiere conference for leaders in training and education programs from the armed services, academia, industry and government, will be held in Orlando, FL from Dec. 2-5, 2013.

Complex, multi-story buildings with enterable interiors
Parametrically generated complex,
multi-story building with enterable interiors
in VBS3

CCTT environment generated in TerraTools and viewed in VBS3
VBS3-IG database built in Batch Mode
Manager, correlated with OneSAF for CCTT

TerraSim is particularly excited to show off the latest additions to its upcoming release of TerraTools® 5. TerraTools 5 will offer revolutionary updates to generating large area environments in addition to the multitudes of other new functionality and upgrades. Key enhancements to be demonstrated at I/ITSEC will include:

Simplified and enhanced large area environment generation:
The TerraTools Batch Mode Manager is a new plug-in for TerraTools Core that significantly simplifies and enhances the workflow for creating large area environments. Not only does it provide a visual interface to the TerraTools batch mode scripting language, Batch Mode Manager also allows TerraTools users to set-up a series of processing tasks, view project progress, monitor resources, and troubleshoot source data or processing errors as they occur. TerraSim will demonstrate the large area generation of VBS3, OneSAF and OpenSceneGraph runtime environments.

New functionality and upgrades for TerraTools Core:

  • Automatically generate complex, multi-story buildings with interiors and correlated exports to UHRB, MES, P3D, OpenSceneGraph, OpenFlight and other visual and constructive runtime formats.
  • Expanded 3D model and texture libraries for basic visual database generation.
  • Over 100 processing node updates for improved geospatial source data processing, terrain quality assessment and customer support rollups.

New features and newest release support for all visual, constructive, and serious game runtimes. Highlights include:

  • Database organization improvements to support rendering speed-ups for OpenSceneGraph and OpenFlight.
  • Full support for OneSAF OTF, including tunnels and an updated WARSIM EDM.
  • Updated support for MASA SWORD data generation for exercise correlation.
  • Parametrically generate multi-story destructible buildings for VBS2/VBS3 with multiple destruct states and maintained AI mobility layers.
  • Enriched support for large area, multi-map environments for VBS3 with new support for complex surface masks and vegetative biotopes in VBS3.
  • New support for the Unity game engine with large area paging, accurate geo-positioning, and multi-platform support, including Android mobile devices.
  • Improved Havok Vision export for large area environments in UTM and Geocentric coordinate systems. Enhanced preview in TerraSim's Vision Engine Viewer.

Source Data Preparation products create missing geospatial data:
TerraSim will be showing off all the newest updates to MaterialMAP, including guided project development with the MaterialMAP Advisor, enhanced handling of aerial and satellite imagery, and tight integration with VBS3 to support enhanced surface materials.

Full demos will be available for TerraSim's other source data preparation products as well, including DEMTools, Xtract, and RoadMAP.

For more information about technology upgrades and demos, or to schedule a meeting, contact . A high-level list of TerraSim's demos is shown below. Feel free to stop by and visit TerraSim at BISim's Booth 2439 for live demos or discussion.

Live TerraSim Demos
Throughout the I/ITSEC show, TerraSim will give a number of live technology demonstrations at Booth 2439, including:

  • Mission execution using VBS3, OneSAF and Unity on a live network.
  • Large area database generation using the new Batch Mode Manager for OneSAF 6.0 and VBS3.
  • Enhanced surface masks and vegetative biotopes for VBS3 in the Camp Lejeune terrain.
  • Unity support for large area environments on multiple platforms, including an Android phone, PC and tablet.
  • Close Combat Tactical Trainer (CCTT) terrain environments produced in TerraTools Batch Mode Manager for VBS3 correlated with pre-existing OneSAF runtimes.
  • Annotated Urban Environment Viewer and Application Interface to support the development of third-party products for AI pattern of life activity in multiple runtimes.
  • Source Data Preparation Product Workflow: DEMTools, MaterialMAP, RoadMAP and Xtract.

For more information about TerraSim products, I/ITSEC demos, or related questions, please contact Kate at .

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