Downtown Pittsburgh environment from TerraTools in the Unity game engine
Downtown Pittsburgh environment from TerraTools in the Unity game engine

TerraSim® Announces Support to Automatically Generate Environments for the Unity Engine

New Unity plug-in expands serious game support in TerraTools

November 6, 2013

Pittsburgh, PA - TerraSim, Inc. announced today the commercial release of its new TerraTools® plug-in for the Unity Pro game engine. TerraTools supports the largest number of independent, third-party visual, constructive and serious game engines, with Unity as the latest addition. This release brings the power of TerraTools’ environmental generation for modeling, simulation and training to Unity, while still directly supporting the familiar Unity Pro interface and toolset.

TerraTools environment in multiple platforms
Downtown Pittsburgh environment created
in TerraTools on multiple platforms in Unity

TerraTools is a simulation environment development system that uses cartographic source data to automatically and rapidly create large area, high-fidelity environments that correlate across visual, constructive and serious game runtimes. TerraTools is known for its ability to automatically create highly-detailed 3D urban environments. Unity is the latest of the serious games it supports, which include VBS3, Steel Beasts Pro, Havok Vision, FlightGear, and X-Plane.

As a runtime, the widely used Unity engine offers all the benefits of a high-end visual game engine with powerful rendering, high-fidelity graphics, and realistic visual effects, such as dynamic shadowing and water effects. Unity supports a variety of mobile platforms, such as IOS and Android tablets and phones, in addition to its desktop and laptop support

TerraSim has augmented Unity technology to create environments that are customized and focused on the needs of the MS&T industry. TerraTools’ strengths, including its ability to support large area databases, build complex urban environments and parametrically generate buildings, have been used in designing and developing this plug-in.

Using advanced TerraTools technology, customers can rapidly create an accurate, real world environment and upload that project into Unity. The TerraSim Unity plug-in is installed directly into Unity’s editor and functions as a content importer. Additional environmental options allow customers to swap or add textures/shaders, add collision types and insert lighting, before the environment is even loaded into the Unity editor.

In conjunction with this software product release, TerraSim has created a Unity export for “Sample Desert Village” which is available as one of 16 correlated runtime formats through its partner Calytrix. Calytrix has added Unity support to its LVC Game product, taking advantage of the support for coordinate systems and large area environments created by TerraSim for Unity. Correlated versions of Sample Desert Village evaluation versions of LVC Game are available by request on the Calytrix website.

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