TerraSim® Announces Enhanced Interoperability for VBS3 in TerraTools 5

November 22, 2013

Pittsburgh, PA - TerraSim, a Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim) Company, has announced that its TerraTools 5 release will offer the highest level of interoperability and enhancements for VBS3. TerraTools is a complete environment development system that uses cartographic source data to rapidly and automatically generate high-fidelity 3D environments for constructive, visual, and serious games. The release of TerraTools 5 will unleash the best terrain generation technology to date for VBS3 as well as all other supported runtime exporters.

Dave McKeown, President of TerraSim, said, "We believe our customers will be impressed with the enhancements we've added to our VBS3 exporter, as well as the significant updates to over 15 visual, constructive, and serious game runtime formats. TerraTools 5 will generate the highest-fidelity for large area and correlated environments as well as an improved user experience, both in TerraTools and VBS3."

As a result of the continued, close technological relationship between BISim and TerraSim, TerraTools 5 will complement and tightly integrate the latest features in VBS3. New TerraTools 5 functionality for VBS3 will include the ability to:

  • Generate multi-map, large area environments through batch processing
  • Automatically create destructible buildings with multiple destruct states, realistic visual effects, and maintained AI mobility layers
  • Improve terrain fidelity with multi-map support
  • Support larger, higher resolution DEMs, photo texture, and complex surface masks
  • Support high-fidelity graphics, complex models, and dynamic effects
  • Use a built-in PBOpacker for faster project processing
  • Apply vegetative biotopes to environments

All TerraTools customers, including customers with VBS3 plug-ins, will also benefit from all major functionality upgrades in TerraTools Core and related plug-ins. Such upgrades include simplified and streamlined batch processing for large area environments through the Batch Mode Manager, automated generation of multi-story buildings with interiors, and expanded model and texture libraries.

Pete Morrison, Co-CEO of BISim, said, "A key goal in our acquisition of TerraSim was to deliver our mutual customers a robust terrain development solution for VBS3, and we are very pleased that TerraTools 5 has delivered! Our developers are working closely with TerraSim to support brand new VBS3 terrain features, including higher fidelity graphics, creeks and streams, and procedural biotopes and snow layers."

Current TerraSim customers will receive TerraTools 5 at no additional cost as a part of their standard TerraTools customer support and maintenance. New customers who purchase TerraTools now will receive a free upgrade to TerraTools 5 upon software release.

For more information about TerraTools 5, purchasing TerraTools, or evaluating it, please contact Kate at .

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