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TerraSim® Showcases Advanced Terrain Technologies at GameTech 2014

August 12, 2014

Automatically generate large-area environments using TerraTools 5's Batch Mode Manager
Batch Mode Manager automatically
processing large area coastal terrain

Pittsburgh, PA - TerraSim® will showcase advanced terrain technologies at the GameTech Users’ Conference 2014 in Orlando, FL on September 3-5 at Booth 3. This technology includes the recently released TerraTools® 5 and the new Batch Mode Manager plug-in, a real-time graphical interface for managing TerraTools batch processing.

New MaterialMAP technologies will also be showcased, including a streamlined workflow for Bohemia Interactive Simulation’s (BISim) Virtual Battlespace 3’s (VBS3) extended surface material and biotopes, as well as vector import, and localized, rule-based aggregation of surface maps.

“TerraSim and BISim have been working to address the challenges involved with producing more richly detailed terrains in virtual simulation without compromising performance and graphics," said Michael McKinley, a senior analyst at TerraSim. “TerraSim’s products support multiple formats across visual, constructive, and serious game runtime simulations while providing the tightest VBS3 integration and support in the industry.”

Comparison between satellite imagery and MaterialMAP overlay
Rapidly produce surface material
classifications in MaterialMAP

In addition to showcasing these new technologies, Wilson A. Harvey and Alysa J. Young of TerraSim will give a presentation focusing on recent terrain technology developments.

The presentation, "From Source to Simulation," will examine the incorporation of enhanced features into geo-specific, simulated terrain databases from geospatial source data, including the process for generating surface material maps through satellite image classification.

Wilson and Alysa will also demonstrate how TerraSim’s MaterialMAP enables biotopes (groupings of trees, rocks, vegetation, etc.) in VBS3. The presentation will be delivered on Wednesday, September 3 in Wekiwa 5 at 4:00 PM.

For more information on GameTech 2014, please contact Spencer Huff at [email protected].

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TerraSim® specializes in the development of products with state-of-the-art technology for rapid, high-fidelity geospatial visualization. Our technology is integrated into flexible and easy-to-use tools that support visual simulation, constructive simulation, and interactive 3D GIS.

In April 2013, TerraSim became a part of Bohemia Interactive Simulations (BISim), the industry leader in the application of video game technology to large scale systems for defense modeling, simulation, and training.

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The GameTech Users’ Conference is an annual gathering of more than 500 representatives from government, industry, and academia that meet to discuss and showcase the latest advances in gaming training technology and virtual world simulation.

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