Havok® Ends Collaboration with TerraSim® Inc.

July 29, 2015

Pittsburgh, PA - In April 2015, Havok®, a provider of simulation and 3D visualization technologies, terminated their strategic partnership with TerraSim, Inc. As a result of Havok's decision, TerraSim can no longer provide support for terrain database generation and export to the Havok Vision Engine and other Havok middleware products within TerraTools, TerraSim's flagship terrain database generation software.

TerraSim and Havok are working together to ensure existing TerraTools customers who are under current software maintenance will be able to develop and export terrain environments for use in one or more of Havok's products throughout the remainder of their maintenance cycle.

TerraSim will continue to support the largest number of constructive, visual, and serious game runtime formats while pursuing new partnerships to expand its core product capabilities and export support, and to provide its customers with the best correlated terrain generation solution.

If you are interested in correlated terrain database solutions, please contact [email protected].

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