Terrain generated in TerraTools as viewed in VBS3

TerraSim® Releases TerraTools® 5.3 and Distributed Processing Technology

November 28, 2016

Pittsburgh, PA - TerraSim announced today the release of TerraTools 5.3, the latest version of its terrain database generation software. This release contains a collection of new features, maintenance updates and bug fixes, as well as targeted enhancements for JCATS and VBS terrain export. Highlights of TerraTools 5.3 include:

  • New TerraTools OmniWizard data processing options for point, linear, and areal model reference data
  • New processing nodes to automatically process and place vegetation, building, wall, and powerline models in your environment
  • New combine imagery nodes to simplify processing of multiple satellite images
  • New and improved Batch Mode Manager analysis tools to monitor and assess production times more efficiently and troubleshoot issues on larger data sets
  • Support for VBS3 3.9.2 and VBS IG 2.3
  • Import P3D models up to 2x faster
  • Export JCATS improvements
Batch Mode Manager Analysis Tools
New advanced analysis tools for Batch Mode Manager

TerraSim also announced the release of new distributed processing technology for TerraTools 5.3. Distributed processing enables the TerraTools Batch Mode Manager to simultaneously build multiple terrain tiles on a single workstation to generate massive environments faster than ever.

Customers can purchase distributed processing instances for the TerraTools Batch Mode Manager to tailor the number of concurrent TerraTools processes to their hardware configurations. This maximizes productivity while decreasing terrain production times by 50% or more.

TerraTools 5.3 is available free of charge to all customers currently under active TerraTools maintenance and support contracts. The TerraTools 5.3 installer is available for download on the TerraTools support site.

For more information about TerraTools 5.3, see the TerraTools products page.

For additional information about TerraTools 5.3 and distributed processing technology, including purchase inquiries or evaluation requests, email us at .

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