Terrain generated in TerraTools as viewed in VBS3

TerraSim Offers TerraTools VBS Bundle

April 17, 2017

Pittsburgh, PA - TerraSim is pleased to offer a new terrain generation software bundle specially designed for VBS users. The TerraTools VBS Bundle includes a single copy of TerraTools Core along with: (1) the VBS Export plug-in to enable VBS terrain generation and export; (2) Batch Mode Manager plug-in to automate and manage large, multimap terrain builds; and (3) one instance of the Distributed Processing plug-in to accelerate terrain production. The bundle also includes one year of software maintenance and technical support.

Larger Terrain, Less Time

Use Batch Mode Manager and Distributed Processing technology to generate large area, multimap VBS environments considerably faster by processing multiple terrain cells simultaneously. Generating a 460 km x 460 km VBS terrain from satellite imagery and elevation data on a basic TerraSim Windows 10 workstation (Xeon 5550 @ 2.67 GHz | Quad-core | 24 GB Memory) once took three hours. Using Distributed Processing to execute four cells at a time, this same terrain can be built in less than one hour.

More Capabilities, Lower Price

The TerraTools VBS Bundle software licenses are discounted by 15%. Other TerraSim software, plug-ins, and training are also eligible for a 10% discount if purchased together with the TerraTools VBS Bundle.

Contact for more information.

Coming Soon: Cloud Distributed Processing

In 2016, TerraSim introduced the Distributed Processing plug-in for Batch Mode Manager and TerraTools, allowing multiple terrain tiles to be built simultaneously on a single workstation. This technology has shown that it can cut terrain production time by a factor of 2-3 or more.

During 2017, TerraSim will release enhancements to the plug-in allowing you to distribute terrain building tasks across a network to other workstations or to the cloud.

Contact for more about product information and pricing.

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