Terrain generated in TerraTools as viewed in VBS Blue IG

TerraSim® Releases TerraTools® 5.8

February 19, 2020

Pittsburgh, PA –TerraSim announced the release of TerraTools 5.8, the latest version of its industry-leading virtual terrain generation software. TerraTools 5.8 adds support for VBS4 19.1.2, VBS Blue IG 20.1, and VBS3 20.1. This release also adds a new CSV vector import node and an FBX scene export node to TerraTools Core.

TerraTools 5.8 is available to all customers currently under active maintenance and support contracts. Current users can download the software installer on our support site.

For evaluation and sales inquiries regarding TerraTools 5.8, email us at .

TerraTools-produced terrain inset for VBS4 with additional surface materials derived from MaterialMAP
TerraTools-produced terrain inset for VBS4 with additional surface materials derived from MaterialMAP

TerraTools 5.8 Highlights

TerraTools Core

  • New Import CSV Vector node for importing a CSV file containing geographic vector data into TerraTools
  • New Export FBX node for exporting FBX scene files that can be used by popular game engines and applications, such as Unity, Unreal Engine, and 3ds Max
  • Significant processing speed improvements for the Extract Features node
  • Ability to toggle topology on or off for the Clip Features node
  • OmniWizard updated to set scattered vegetation models as instanced objects by default for VBS Blue IG projects
  • Improvements to the quality of OmniWizard-generated project flow graphs for VBS Blue with missing input layers

Batch Mode Manager

  • New project variables for defining bounds, manipulating project coordinate systems, and adjusting reprojection nodes in template projects
  • New project variables for redefining a cell to the extents of a batch project

TerraTools VBS Blue IG Source Plug-in

  • Support for VBS Blue IG 20.1 and VBS4 19.1.2
  • Support for dozens of new surfaces available in VBS Blue IG 20.1 and VBS4 19.1.2
  • Support for a ground cut layer, which enables models such as trenches, basements, and sewers to be placed underground, and for controlling how far the ground will be cut around underground objects
  • Capability for toggling the exclusion of the VBS Blue base water data from the bounds of a terrain inset
  • New attributes for determining the time of day that point lights and spotlights are enabled in VBS Blue IG
  • Numerous other bug fixes and improvements

VBS Export Plug-in

  • Support for VBS3 20.1
  • Capability for automatically subdividing lengthy road segments in order to fill gaps in the road network if the input road linears were too long
  • Numerous other bug fixes and improvements

Why TerraTools?

TerraTools is the military simulation and training industry's leading virtual terrain generation software. With world class features heavily rooted in automated processing, TerraTools rapidly produces high-fidelity, correlated geo-specific environments for use across visual, constructive, and serious game runtime applications. Advantages of TerraTools include:

  • Unmatched support for correlated terrain development across 15+ formats
  • Scalable, flexible, reusable, and configurable design to meet your terrain requirements
  • Extensive import and export support for geospatial data, models, and terrain
  • Built-in tools to monitor and manage each step of the terrain generation process
  • Advanced diagnostic tools for troubleshooting terrain generation
About TerraSim

TerraSim, a Bohemia Interactive Simulations company, is a leading technology company that specializes in the development of advanced software solutions to automate geospatial source data preparation and terrain generation. Our products are designed to be flexible, scalable, and compatible by continuing to support the widest range of visual, constructive, and serious game runtimes in the military simulation and training industry.

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