Terrain generated in TerraTools as viewed in VBS4

TerraSim® Releases TerraTools® 5.9.1

March 2, 2021

Pittsburgh, PA – TerraSim announces the release of TerraTools 5.9.1, the latest version of its industry-leading virtual terrain generation software. TerraTools 5.9.1 is available to all customers under active maintenance and support contracts. Current users can download the software installer and read the release notes on our support site.

Two specific capabilities we'd like to emphasize are the enhanced workflow for building VBS4 terrains (for TT VBS) and the completion of the CDB format support in TerraTools (for all TT bundles).

TerraTools 5.9.1 adds the capability to import terrain edits from VBS4's VBS Geo mode. Available to users with the VBS Blue Source plug-in, this capability gives TerraTools and VBS4 users a brand new workflow that combines the simple 3D terrain editing in VBS Geo and the sophisticated control and large area production offered by TerraTools. The combined workflow will be unique to TerraTools and makes TerraTools the tool of choice for building complex and/or large VBS4 terrains.

TerraSim also continues to expand TerraTools support for other industry formats. The 5.9.1 release adds a new optional Export CDB plug-in, which allows users to produce correlated terrain exports for CDB-compliant simulators. TerraTools already has a CDB importer and so TerraTools is now a fully capable terrain editing tool for the popular CDB format and facilitates easy correlation of CDB with other formats already supported by TerraTools such as VBS3, VBS4, OpenFlight, and OneSAF. Available to users with a TT Core, TT Pro, or TT Max bundle as part of your support and maintenance package. TT VBS bundle users can purchase CDB Export as a custom plug-in.

Eligible users can contact for more information on these enhancements.

For evaluation and sales inquiries regarding TerraTools 5.9.1, email us at .

TerraTools 5.9.1 Highlights

TerraTools: Main Application (enhanced)

  • Batch Mode Manager support for CDB database exports
  • New Process CDB Linear Hydrography node for processing linear CDB hydrography data
  • OmniWizard support for CDB powerline vector data
  • Support for combining palette images in the Combine Images (B & W) node
  • Numerous minor bug fixes and improvements

TerraTools CDB Exporter Plug-in (new)

  • New optional Export CDB node for exporting elevation, imagery, surface masks, geo-specific and geo-typical models, drainage, roads, powerlines, and railroad input data into a CDB database
  • Free enhancement for TT Core, TT Pro, and TT Max bundle users. Upgrade fee required for TT VBS bundle licenses

TerraTools VBS Blue Source Plug-in (enhanced)

  • New Publish to VWS node for uploading terrain data as a VBS4 inset to the VBS World Server (VWS)
  • New attribute for controlling the minimum flare size of VBS4 lightpoints so that they can be more visible during the day
  • Four new Import Geo Project nodes for importing Geo Project Geopackage files from VBS4's VBS Geo mode containing terrain edits such as model references, road centerlines, heightmaps, or surface maps into TerraTools

VBS Export Plug-in (enhanced)

  • New attribute for allowing custom RVMATs from source road models to be transferred to aggregated models in VBS IG
  • Numerous minor bug fixes and improvements

Why TerraTools?

TerraTools is the military simulation and training industry's leading virtual terrain generation software. With world-class features and automated processing, TerraTools rapidly produces high-fidelity, correlated geo-specific environments for use across visual, constructive, and serious game runtime applications. Advantages of TerraTools include:

  • Unmatched support for correlated terrain development across 15+ formats
  • Scalable, flexible, reusable, and configurable design to meet your terrain requirements
  • Extensive import and export support for geospatial data, models, and terrain
  • Built-in tools to monitor and manage each step of the terrain generation process
  • Advanced diagnostic tools for troubleshooting terrain generation
About TerraSim

TerraSim, a Bohemia Interactive Simulations company, develops advanced software solutions to automate virtual terrain generation for simulation. Our products are designed to be flexible, scalable, and compatible by continuing to support the widest range of visual, constructive, and serious game runtimes in the military simulation and training industry.

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