Tuhup Visualization

The Tuhup coal project in Kalimantan in central Borneo will not be in production for another two years. However, managers and investors can already tour the entire facility using a virtual environment created by TerraTools and exported to a TSGFly and TerraTours visualization. VizMAP Pty. Ltd. was contracted by PT Asmin Koalindo Tuhup to create a computer-based representation of the mine's facilities as they will appear when mining of the rich coal reserves is begun.

Apart from the coal deposit where the interactive virtual 3D environment includes the excavator mining and initial transport of the coal, the project involves the construction and operation of a coal stockpiling facility a few kilometers from the mine site and the yet to be constructed 130km haul road to a river stockpiling and coal barge loading facility.

At the mine's end, the virtual environment shows the dumping of the coal into the sorting and washing areas and then the transport via ramped conveyors to these stockpiles. From the stockpiles, observers can trace the progress of the coal as it is bulldozed via feeders to a low-level conveyor which eventually loads the haul trucks that will carry the clean coal to the river. From there, the coal barges are guided downstream to the port for distribution of the resource.

Click here to see a fly-through of the Tuhup visualization.

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