TerraSim Building Designer
TerraSim Building Designer

Key features of Building Designer include:

  • Import floor plans from common image formats: JPEG, PNG, and TIFF
  • Crop, scale, and register floor plans for multi-story buildings
  • Digitize in meters or feet
  • Develop interior building models without floor plan images
  • Trace walls and quickly place functional doors, windows, and stairs using a point-and-click system
  • Preview 3D building models at any point during the creation process
  • Texture interior features rapidly with a built-in attribution class system
  • Drag-and-drop furniture models from the built-in model library to place them in your building
  • Import custom textures and models to modify your building
  • Duplicate floor geometry to quickly add floors
  • Export the building model to the P3D format for use in VBS
    • Automatic configuration of collision volumes, shadows, building ruin models, and door animations
    • Built-in model packing during export
    • Support for the latest versions of VBS2, VBS3, and VBS IG
  • Augment building models in 3ds Max using the VBS Developer Suite P3D conversion tools