Interchange Plug-ins
Data Import Plug-ins

Optional data interchange plug-ins for TerraTools Core are licensed separately and are fully interoperable with all TerraTools processing. For a complete list of data and terrain database formats supported by TerraTools Core and TerraTools plug-ins, please see the product information page.

This plug-in allows users to export a TerraTools database directly into an LMIS S1000 assembly to support dynamic database generation for JointSAF. This exporter supports the export of terrain polygons, feature vectors, and 3D models. The S1000 assembly tool is used to create the data structures required for DT-SIM and the other JointSAF dynamic terrain components. Customers can use this exporter in conjunction with TerraSim's CTDB exporter to create JointSAF 8.7 CTDBs that correlate with the content produced by the S1000 plug-in.

TerraSim has been a SEDRIS associate since 1999 and offers a SEDRIS export plug-in to our TerraTools product. TerraSim's SEDRIS exporter has been adopted for use by U.S. Army Future Combat Systems (FCS) and for U.S. Army WARSIM.