Productivity Plug-ins
Batch Mode Plug-ins

These optional productivity plug-ins for batch management and building large-scale databases are licensed separately and are fully interoperable with all TerraTools processing. TerraTools plug-ins can be used to export databases that are correlated across a variety of visual, constructive, and serious game runtimes.

The Batch Mode Manager is a plug-in for TerraTools Core that significantly simplifies and enhances the work flow for creating large area simulation environments. Batch Mode Manager builds on TerraTools Core's native batch processing to revolutionize how users generate large area environments.

Batch Mode Manager Brochure

Distributed Processing for TerraTools is a plug-in that enables the Batch Mode Manager to simultaneously process and build multiple terrain tiles on a single workstation, across the cloud, or on a local network of machines. With this plug-in, terrain production times can be reduced by a factor of 2-3 or more.

Distributed Processing Brochure