TerraTools® 5
TerraTools 5

TerraTools, the military simulation and training industry's leading virtual terrain generation software, constructs high-fidelity environments from a variety of input cartographic data, imagery, and model content for visual, constructive, and serious game simulation. Specializing in automation and customization, the TerraTools project flow graph architecture allows you to compile, review, refine, and publish correlated content for use across multiple third-party runtimes including JCATS, JSAF, MASA SWORD, OTBSAF, OneSAF, OpenFlight, OpenSceneGraph, VBS2, VBS3, VBS IG, VBS Blue IG, Unity, and more.

With TerraTools Core, you can generate and integrate features into a terrain surface for route planning and obstacle avoidance, import, place, and export custom models and textures, generalize and buffer features, develop multiple terrain levels of detail while optimizing polygon budgets, and automatically generate multi-story, geo-typical buildings with interiors.

TerraTools Core Components:

  • OmniWizard: Automatically construct a TerraTools project from input source data and user-defined project specifications
  • Project Flow Graph: Main interface of TerraTools that exposes all data processing for interaction and customization
  • TAEdit: Create, view, and edit textures and appearances
  • TEdit: Create, view and edit vector data. View and analyze raster data including elevation and satellite imagery
  • TMEdit: Import, view, and edit 3D models
  • TSGFly: Freely distributable 3D viewer that loads TerraSim's Tiled Scene Graph (TSG) terrain and model file format

TerraTools Core functionality can be extended with optional import/interchange, export, and productivity plug-ins, enabling you to customize TerraTools to your specific needs at the lowest possible cost.

See the TerraTools brochure for more information.

TerraSim also offers the TerraTools VBS Bundle, a terrain generation software bundle specially designed for VBS users. The TerraTools VBS Bundle includes:

  • one license of TerraTools Core with a single-seat USB dongle
  • the VBS Export plug-in to enable VBS terrain generation and export
  • the Batch Mode Manager plug-in to automate and manage large, multimap terrain builds
  • one instance of the Distributed Processing plug-in to accelerate terrain production
  • one year of software maintenance and technical support on all bundled products
  • 10% off any additional TerraSim products or training purchased along with the bundle

For additional information, including purchase inquiries or evaluation requests, email us at sales@terrasim.com.