TerraTools® 5
TerraTools 5

TerraTools Core provides all of the standard geospatial data processing capabilities necessary to create high fidelity visualizations. Key TerraTools Core capabilities include:

  • Automatically integrate transportation networks, linear and areal drainage features, and a variety of surface materials to generate an Integrated Triangulated Irregular Network (ITIN) to guarantee trafficability and improve the realism of natural and man-made materials and objects.
  • Large area terrain support through automation, batch processing, and paging.
  • Automatically generate buildings with detailed interiors, including complex roof shapes, stairways, rooms, basements, roof access points, windows, and doors from 2D blueprints.
  • Automatically generate underground structures, including pipelines, utility lines, and tunnels.
  • Parametrically generate bridges with user-defined bridge cross sections, including decks, pylons, sidewalks, etc., to create a variety of bridge models tailored to the landscape and project requirements.
  • Parametrically scatter and automatically align models to create forested areas with varying tree models or urban centers with street signs and lights oriented to roads and buildings.
  • Over 650 unique 3D models and over 1500 textures to support a variety of geospatial database generation tasks.
  • Multi-threading support to enable up to eight independent parallel processing threads on a single TerraTools Core license.
  • Support rapid database construction, iterative refinement, and design without requiring specialized hardware.