TerraTools® 5
TerraTools 5

TerraTools 5.4 contains a collection of new features, maintenance updates and bug fixes. Highlights include:

TerraTools Core

  • Improved bridge extrusion processing
  • Enhanced warning messages for improved troubleshooting experience
  • New default processing options to create higher quality terrains in less time

Batch Mode Manager Plug-in

  • New interface to manage local and/or cloud distributed processing instances
  • Performance Log Analyzer now dynamically updates during project update
  • Increased efficiency in Batch Mode Manager's cell information system

Distributed Processing Plug-in

  • New capability to distribute processing across the cloud or a local network of machines
  • Performance Log Analyzer updated for cloud distribution

VBS Export Plug-in

  • Supports the latest versions of VBS and VBS IG
  • Automatically extrude and place VBS bridge geometry with collision volumes from linear profiles
  • New aggregate road processing to streamline the generation of transportation networks and improve performance at runtime
  • New distributed packing technology to use in tandem with remote distributed processing system and increase packing efficiency

Other Updates

  • Areal road support for JCATS terrain export
  • Improved OTF 8.0 export support for OneSAF 6.0 and 7.0