TerraTools® 5
TerraTools 5

TerraTools 5.3.1 contains a collection of new features, maintenance updates and bug fixes, as well as targeted enhancements for JCATS and VBS terrain export. Highlights include:

  • Improved handling of CDB model content in the TerraTools OmniWizard
  • New TerraTools OmniWizard data processing options for point, linear, and areal model reference data
  • New processing nodes to automatically process and place vegetation, building, wall, and powerline models in your environment
  • New combine imagery nodes to simplify processing of multiple satellite images
  • New distributed processing capabilities:
    • Build multiple terrain tiles simultaneously
    • Reduce terrain production times by 50% or more
    • Tailor distributed processing instances to maximize development on specific hardware configurations
  • New and improved Batch Mode Manager analysis tools to monitor and assess production times more efficiently and troubleshoot issues on larger data sets
  • Support for VBS3 3.9.2 and VBS IG 2.3
  • Import P3D models up to 2x faster
  • Export JCATS improvements