RoadMAP from TerraSim®

RoadMAP from TerraSim® is a powerful road network extraction system which utilizes advanced image understanding technology to automatically extract linear features (e.g., paved and unpaved roads, railroads, and canals) from remotely sensed imagery. Based on cutting-edge research in image processing, photo-interpretation, and computer vision, RoadMAP seamlessly combines automated, semi-automated, and manual methods for detecting, delineating, and attributing road networks and other linear features.

As a highly flexible and interactive image analysis system, RoadMAP offers a full range of automated linear feature extraction activities, including automatic road finding and extraction, integrated manual editing, efficient attribution with standard templates, and system and user-level performance monitoring. Using RoadMAP, users can rapidly and accurately extract and update complex transportation networks using a single panchromatic or color orthophoto.

See our RoadMAP brochure for more information.