Terrain generated in TerraTools as viewed in VBS3

TerraSim® Releases TerraTools® 5.1

February 1, 2016

Pittsburgh, PA - TerraSim Inc. is excited to announce the release of TerraTools 5.1, the latest version of its flagship terrain database generation software. TerraTools 5.1 contains over 300 new features, improvements, and bug fixes.

Improved VBS Support

TerraTools 5.1 features a variety of improvements and optimizations for VBS3 and VBS IG terrain generation including enhanced multimap support, built-in automated terrain packing, and support for the latest runtime versions. Users can also now define starting positions and create map labels within the 2D map view.

TerraTools 5.1 includes enhancements to P3D model import, including better material support and automatic integration of existing proxy models. Performance and workflow improvements that were developed during integration of VBS IG into the U.S. Army's CCTT program are now available to TerraTools users and will provide better frame rates on larger terrains in both VBS3 and VBS IG. Users can now automatically prepare P3D models for improved thermal imaging appearance within the runtime.

TerraTools 5.1 also includes new automated trench placement technology that uses trench centerline data to rapidly and automatically place 3D trench models. A collection of trench component models representing both manmade and earthen trench types have been added to the TerraTools model library for placement.

Trench network in VBS3 generated for TerraTools
Trench network in VBS3 generated from TerraTools

These trench models are fully functional in VBS3 and include destructible levels of detail. For added customization, users can import their own trench models into TerraTools for placement and export to VBS3.

Additional TerraTools VBS (VBS3 and VBS IG) exporter enhancements include:

  • Added support for VBS3 3.6.0, 3.7.0, 3.7.1, 3.7.2, 3.8.0, and 3.8.1 export
  • Added support for VBS IG 2.1 and 2.2 export
  • Improved multimap terrain production
  • Built-in terrain packing during export

CDB Import Plug-in

TerraTools 5.1 CDB Import plug-in imports geospatial data and model content from the Common Database (CDB) format into TerraTools. The imported content can then be processed and exported to one or more TerraTools supported terrain formats.

Key capabilities of the TeraTools CDB Import plug-in include:

  • Supports CDB version 2.1, 3.0, and 3.2
  • Preserves geospatial source data and model attribution during import
  • Supports sub-region import based on user-defined bounds
  • Supports static CDB data layer import
    • Elevation
    • Imagery
    • Raster and vector surface materials
    • Geo-specific and geo-typical models
    • Road, railroad, powerline, and hydrography networks
  • Supports sublayer import
  • Supports Level of Detail (LOD) recognition and selection during import for CDB imagery
  • Supports OmniWizard for automatic CDB to VBS project creation

Terrain constructed from CDB data
VBS3 environment generated from TerraTools using source CDB data and model content

Other TerraTools 5.1 Updates

Additional updates to TerraTools 5.1 include:

  • New building footprint matching technology to simplify and optimize large urban environments
  • New tabbed interface to consolidate node Info dialogs - General, Standard Messages, and Warning Messages - into a single window
  • Improved support for large image import and display
  • Addition of new models and textures to TerraTools default model and texture libraries
  • Addition of attributes and batch commands for new and existing nodes to improve overall functionality
  • Large area terrain generation improvements in Batch Mode Manager, including custom cell selection and performance optimizations
  • JCATS export enhancements
    • Added support for JCATS 12 export
    • Assign ID and URL on JCATS terrain features when exporting to JCATS 12
    • Feature priority definition within JCATS sublayer
    • Improved UTM and GCS coordinate system support
  • Improved exporter support for CTDB, OneSAF, OpenSceneGraph, MASA SWORD, Steel Beasts Pro, and Unity

TerraTools 5.1 is available free of charge to all TerraTools customers currently under active maintenance and support contracts. The TerraTools 5.1 installer and manuals are available for download on the TerraTools support site.

For more information about TerraTools 5.1, see the TerraTools products page. For additional information, including purchase inquiries or evaluation requests, email us at .

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