DEMTools from TerraSim®
DEMTools from TerraSim

DEMTools from TerraSim® is a low cost, stand-alone application that merges, refines, and manipulates digital elevation models (DEMs) for GIS source data preparation and generation. DEMTools uses the best in GIS technology to allow users to generate customized DEMs for their own individual purposes. It features an easy-to-use work flow design that allows users to quickly import and process source elevation and vector data and subsequently output new elevation and vector data.

DEMTools features 6 advanced DEM tools to manipulate and transform elevation data as well as embedded vector editing and attribution functionality. DEMTools also offers DEM display management tools to highlight specific attributes of DEMs and explicitly displayed metadata for DEMs. Together, these capabilities solve a wide variety of GIS project complications and can create higher quality DEMs.

See the DEMTools Brochure for more information.