MaterialMAP from TerraSim®
MaterialMAP from TerraSim

MaterialMAP features these core functionalities:

  • Import multi-spectral and value-mapped (palette) color imagery from standard formats including GeoTIFF, JPEG, and PNG
  • Import existing vector data to supplement image classification
  • Create distinct sample classes for the surface materials visible in the satellite imagery
  • Create and use new or existing vector data to define surface material classes
  • Develop alternative classification strategies and rapidly visualize intermediate classification results
  • Smooth classified imagery to further refine the output
  • Reassign pixel classification in user-defined areas
  • Use built-in history to review and select the best image classification results
  • Aggregate classification to meet runtime-specific surface material map attribution and requirements
  • Export classified layers to common vector and image formats including Shapefile, GeoTIFF, and PNG
  • Export surface material maps for use in constructive and serious game runtime applications including JCATS, JSAF, OneSAF, Steel Beasts Pro, and VBS (VBS2, VBS3, VBS Blue IG)
  • Export surface material maps with extended surfaces for VBS3
  • Export seasonally varied imagery using vegetation surfaces of any classified layer to guide the recoloration
  • Export any layer from a MaterialMAP project as an Archive file for use in other MaterialMAP projects or in batch processing
  • Batch processing for classifying images and generating surface material maps in bulk