Xtract from TerraSim®

Xtract from TerraSim® automatically extracts geospatial source data from legacy database formats. Key features for Xtract include these core functionalities:

  • Import a wide range of legacy terrain databases, including OneSAF, CTDB, OpenFlight, and OpenSceneGraph
  • Automatically extract and export elevation files, including DTED, GridASCII, GridFloat, and TerraSim TSI
  • Automatically extract and export vector files, including Shapefile and TerraSim Boundary Representation
  • Automatically extract and export models in 3ds Max, COLLADA, OpenFlight, OpenSceneGraph, P3D, VRML, and TerraSim TSG format
  • Load exports into third party geospatial data processing and modeling products, including Global Mapper, 3DStudio Max, Bohemia Interactive Oxygene, ESRI ArcGIS, OpenSceneGraph viewers, Google Earth, etc.