TerraSim provides geospatial project analysis and database construction services for one-of-a-kind specialized 3D visualizations and conversion of legacy modeling and simulation databases.

Civil Applications

TerraSim can provide customized 3D visualizations delivered with our TSGFly™ viewer to customers such as urban planning groups, architectural and engineering firms, and municipal governments. The analytic tools embedded in TerraSim's 3D geospatial viewers can give accurate ground position of buildings and roads, compute line of sight, and simulate flood plane planning.

Modeling and Simulation

Our services include the conversion of legacy databases into correlated OneSAF OTF and OpenFlight visualizations. View our PDF brochure describing this process here. Source data and attribution found in the CTDB format databases used in the OneSAF Testbed (OTB) runtime can be reused and intensified to produce a correlated OneSAF Objective System (OOS) database in OTF format. In the conversion process, we can correct common problems found in legacy CTDBs and perform the appropriate environmental data modeling (EDM) so that the resulting CTDB and OTF share valid EDMs. We can also convert legacy multi-elevation surface buildings (MES) into ultra high resolution buildings (UHRBs) while maintaining correlation in terms of building interior representations.

We leverage our experience with our OneSAF Export product which has been adopted by PM-OneSAF, WARSIM-ConSIM, and PM-TRADOC, among other US Army organizations.

Our services group is comprised of highly experienced TerraTools database engineers with backgrounds in geospatial database construction, remote sensing, urban planning, and source data preparation. They provide TerraSim customers with highly efficient and prompt delivery of products as well as post-delivery customer support.

More Information

If you are interested in TerraSim's database construction services, please contact us.

For more information on TerraSim Professional Services, download our services brochure.

For more information on TerraSim's CTDB to OTF conversion services, download our brochure on this topic.