TerraSim Support
TerraSim Customer Values

TerraSim takes pride in working with our customers to identify and fix impediments to their success in ontime project delivery. We rapidly react to problems and extend software patches or detailed process workarounds in an efficient and timely manner.

We support problem reports via email and telephone. As a supported user, you should expect to receive an acknowledgment the same day as your query.

TerraSim Customer Support and Maintenance provides you with minor software version upgrades at no additional cost. Maintenance is renewed on an annual basis, and you will generally receive a price quotation two months prior to your maintenance expiration.

TerraSim has one level of customer support: we treat all customers with courtesy and understand that all problems are time-critical and require immediate attention. Support requests go to a small group of programmers and database construction experts who decide how to best address your support request.

If you have any issues with TerraSim support or have misplaced your support account name and password, please contact us at support@terrasim.com.

TerraSim Support Sites

The TerraTools, Xtract, RoadMAP, and DEMTools support sites contain:

  • Product Documentation: For TerraTools, TSGFly, Xtract, and RoadMAP. This includes user manuals, tutorials, and batch mode manuals.
  • Software Patches: TerraTools, Xtract, and RoadMAP updates and patches are supplied as downloads with clear installation instructions. When we fix a problem prior to a release, we share that patch with our users. Generally, all patches are "rolled up" into the next software releases.
  • FAQs: Frequently asked questions received from our customers, provided with answers, solutions, and resources.
  • Tech Notes: Approximately 40 detailed how-to notes that include sample TerraTools project graphs and source data. Categories include General, TINs, Integrated Features, Buildings, Model Techniques, MAX Plug-ins, and Export.
  • Tcl Script Library: A variety of Tcl scripts, used to process GIS data and appearances in TerraTools, along with instructions and explanations pertaining to their use.

Technical Support